The Bone and Joint Infection Society, BAJIS, is a multidisciplinary group representing medical and allied professionals with a special interest in the management of musculoskeletal infections. Established in 2022, BAJIS is based in the United Kingdom is affiliated to the British Orthopaedic Association.

Society Objectives

To provide a forum for the discussion of research, advances in clinical practice and the results of surgical and non-surgical management of bone and joint infections

To enhance and support education in the management of Bone and Joint Infections across specialties and sub-specialties.

To promote networking and collaboration between different specialists and healthcare professionals, to facilitate the establishment of MDTs with the purpose of improving the quality of the care offered to patients with musculo-skeletal infections.

BAJIS Committee 2024


President – Rhidian Morgan, Colchester

President Elect – Bilal Jamal, Glasgow

Vice President  Pedro Foguet, Coventry

BAJIR Representative – Tim Petheram, Northumbria

Education Representative – Ian Kennedy, Glasgow

Honorary Secretary – Nikhil Premchand, Northumbria

Honorary Treasurer – David Shields, Glasgow

Member at Large – Deepa Bose, Birmingham

Member at Large – Jeya Palan, Leeds

Nursing Representative – Amy Cudmore, Exeter

Pharmacy Representative – Joe Brayson, Northumbria

Research Representative – Andrew Moore, Bristol

Trainee Representative  Vats Gupta, Coventry

Webmaster – Jakub Kozdryk, Coventry


Website management  Daniel Howard, Leicester

MDT and PROMS link – Anji Kingman, Northumbria

Contact: email@bajis.org