BAJIS Membership Application Form


Criteria for Admission:

  1. *Professional Alignment: The applicant should be a professional or student in the fields related to musculoskeletal infections, such as orthopaedics, infectious diseases, microbiology, and related specialties.
  2. Motivation and Interest: The candidate should demonstrate genuine interest in orthopaedic infections, either by prior work, current professional role, or expressed motivation to be part of BAJIS.
  3. Reference by an Existing Member (optional but beneficial): While not mandatory, a reference from an existing BAJIS member can enhance the application’s merit.
  4. Commitment to BAJIS Objectives: Applicants should resonate with the objectives of BAJIS, including promoting research, enhancing education in bone and joint infections, and fostering collaboration.



Professional Alignment:

The applicant can be from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and need not necessarily possess a specific degree. BAJIS is committed to fostering a diverse and multidisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal infections. As such, professionals, academics, and students from the following backgrounds, among others, are encouraged to apply:

  1. Medical Specialties: Including but not limited to orthopaedics, infectious diseases, microbiology, plastic surgery, radiology, and traumatology.
  2. Nursing: Individuals actively engaged in clinical care, research, or education related to musculoskeletal health or infections.
  3. Allied Health Professionals: This encompasses a wide range of professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, and more, who play an integral role in the management and rehabilitation of patients with bone and joint infections.
  4. Academics and Researchers: Those involved in research, teaching, or scholarly activities related to musculoskeletal infections or its associated fields.
  5. Others with Relevant Interest or Experience: BAJIS recognizes that passion and interest can come from varied backgrounds. Even if your professional role doesn’t strictly align with the aforementioned categories but you have a genuine interest or experience in the domain of musculoskeletal infections, your application is valued.